Byte Visualization

A visualization of a bytestream from different types of files (movies, images, textfiles).

The visualization is generated procedurally based on custom rules that define the position, rotation, scale and other attributes of the various elements.

The only thing set by hand is the shot camera.

Software used:

  • Maya HTML Visualization Visualization of PI
Text Visualization Text Visualization
MP4 Visualization MP4 Visualization
PNG Visualization PNG Visualization
Bytestream Visual

Goblin Sculpt

This is my first project that I did in ZBrush. It is still a work in progress (and probably won’t be finished at any time soon or ever…).

There was no concept art or anything like that, only a moodboard with some references that I used to base the sculpt on.

Software used:

  • ZBrush Moodboard Skirt Close Up Head Close Up Right & Back View Front & Left View Perspective View
Goblin Sculpt

Flour Sack

The one and only analogue animation that I did…

floursack floursack
Flour Sack

Bouncing Letters

One of my first animations with Autodesk Maya.

Exercise for getting used to animating with Maya using motion paths and different types of deformers.

Software used:

  • Maya Scene setup
Bouncing Letters Bouncing Letters
Bouncing Letters

Andritz Hydro

This project was done for the Andritz Hydro GmbH. It is showing a pipe assembly operation in a tunnel.

Most of the objects in the scene are based on CAD data and simplified for the animation.

Software used:

  • Maya
  • AfterEffects Pipe assembly operation Pipe assembly operation Pipe assembly operation Pipe assembly operation Pipe assembly operation
Andritz Hydro Andritz Hydro
Andritz Hydro Monster Fluffy something Obi Wan Anakin Cheshire Cat Eye Angel Rose


Parametric is another project that I did at university.

The name derives from the “Parametric Array” plug-in for 3Ds Max that I used for the placement and animation of the objects.

Due to data loss unfortunately I only have a pretty low quality version of the final movie.

Software used:

  • 3Ds Max
  • AfterEffects
parametric parametric
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